Class Photo

“Are we missing anyone?”

The teacher asks, peeking over her coke-bottle glasses

to squint at her pupils.

Everyone’s heads swivel around,

lips moving

silently with numbers.

A unanimous no, heads shaking.

Everyone accounted for.

No one is absent.

Class begins and eyes glaze over,

blah blah blah,

inutile content.

Ten minutes later, the door creaks open and a mousey girl shuffles in.

“Sorry I’m late.”

No one listens to her excuse for her tardiness.

They’d all forgotten

she even attended the class.


You sit in the back of the room,

legs up,

leather boots leaving scuff marks

on the blue plastic chair.

You are not really a part of


You are just…


You’re the type of person who is left alone.

Not for the same reasons as the mousey girl.

She is left alone

because she is boring.


Even a little stupid.

You are left alone

because you are too interesting.


Consistently intimidating.

You are interesting.

And it scares them.

They are content with their mediocrity.

They are discontent with your lack thereof.

You laugh to yourself,

watching the small scene unfold,

because you knew she wasn’t there.




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